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Sonic’s Greenhill Zone Papercraft

sonic greenhillzone papercraft Sonic’s Greenhill Zone Papercraft

Sonic the Hedgehog is a cartoon character which popular in cartoon series as well as on games. For those who love Mario games, Sonic the Hedgehog game’s can be considered to have similar game play which is simple and fun. However, they also have some differences which make each of them has fanatic fans. So, since the center of our attention now is Sonic the Hedgehog Sega game, here is a papercraft which will be great in implementing the excitement of the game into a 3D handicraft.

Sonic’s Greenhill Zone papercraft model can be downloaded from the internet. Al you have to do is finding the papercraft pdf and copy the pattern at the paper materials you have. You can customize the colors as you like, but to make it looks original, it is better for you to make it just like the example.

There are various accessories and variations you can apply to your 3D Sonic’s Greenhill Zone papercraft. You can even enhance the design as your imagination and play on it will be more exciting if you create the zone by yourself. Add this Sonic’s Greenhill Zone papermodel to your Sonic the Hedgehog collection and you can proudly say to your friends that you made it on our own.

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  • sonic fan

    I have to admit that is a pretty cool papercraft, but do u have ice paradice, angel island zone, scrap brain zone, and other stages?

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  • Paula

    Plz, guys, help me. =/ the download link is broken! :O tell me another site where I get this model…