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Gothic Skull Papercraft

skull papercraft pattern Gothic Skull Papercraft

Have you ever wondered why some girls love to collect anything related to skull? Yes, human skull which is supposed to be scary, decorated with pink or bling-bling accessories which make it looks glamorous and feminine but still, a little bit scary. However, no matter if there is certain philosophy behind this phenomenon or maybe you are started to be influenced with this trend, here is a papercraft which can add more collection to those who love to collect anything related to skull.

Only with a piece of paper and a little bit patience, you will be able to create your own masterpiece of 3D skull papercraft. From the picture, maybe you can figure out the pattern, but if you don’t have any idea about it, there is the papercraft pdf you can download and apply the pattern to your paper to create your own skull papercraft.

Rather then let it looks pale, you can add more decoration on your skull papercraft. Colorful papers, beads and ribbons will be great to make it looks more cheerful and cute just like your other skull figures collections. Choose a thick paper to make it tough and do it neatly to get the best result.

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