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This M40A3 Won’t Need Any Bullet!

m40a3 papercraft This M40A3 Won’t Need Any Bullet!

How many of you think that military stuffs are interesting? Since military is close to patriotism and heroism, many people consider them as man’s man and like to collect military stuff, even if they are –in fact- civilian. There are many military collectibles like uniforms, badges and miniatures sold out there. Most of them offer details comparable with the original version.

There are a lot of military stuffs indeed. But if you can make it yourself, why you should buy it? You can build your own papercraft military replicas. Papercraft riffles could be the one. Don’t bother about designing the pattern. There are many places for free papercraft riffle pattern download. You can create fascinating papercraft M40A3 riffle which is designed based on M40A3 sniper riffle used by the US Marine Cops.

This papercraft model has detailed design. Its heavy barrels, arm point and scope are very similar with the original. It is completed with display pedestal to make you easy to exhibit this papercraft riffle model. Original design has 1:3 scales. But if you need more challenge, there are a 1:6 scales. Yes, it is tiny for rifle model! You will get extra credit if you could prove to everyone if you could build this tiny papercraft riffle.

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