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Cute Papercraft Automata from Cera Cera

grand piano papercraft Cute Papercraft Automata from Cera Cera

One of the most interesting activities could be papercraft work. Inspired by Japanese art of origami, papercrafts grow in to many different styles. In the last decades, papercraft design is growing rapidly. It allows us to create miniature of almost all things in this world. One of papercraft styles is automata. This is a papercraft model with a simple mechanism to add motion effect and make it more interesting.

If you are a musician or need inspiration about a girt for your musician friend, you might consider the pianist automata. This papercraft toys is a figure of pianist with a moved arms just like the pianist play this instrument. This 3D papercraft model is available in internet. You can get the papercraft patterns for free, and don’t have to pay via PayPal before you able to download.

The pianist papercraft model comes in 2-in-1 model. It has the full colored and blank versions. The first one gives you Lego style pianist automata while the other one allows you to save printing ink or make custom color effect in this papercraft toys. You can also add your special greeting or message. This papercraft pattern could be easily assembled. You only need to follow the instruction inside each pattern. It is only cut-fold-glue action. You will be amazed with the pianist papercraft and your friend’s will beyond your expectation.

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