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Medieval Age Weapon Made Easy

trebuchet papermodel Medieval Age Weapon Made Easy

I am always amazed with medieval theme. It is amazing to see pictures or movies about armored knights with colorful outfit, great battles and the most interesting its weapons. Beyond conventional weapon such as swords and archers, the most magnificent is weapon like medieval trebuchet. It seems to the state of the art weapon at that time. It I always thrilled to imagine how trebuchet could throw stones and flames to a mass of soldiers.

If you have the same enthusiasm like me, let me share one fascinating thing. It is medieval papercrafts. It allows us to build our own medieval themes miniature. It could be castles, figures or weapons. There are a lot of interesting resources on the internet to get the pattern of this model. Inside those websites, you can download free medieval papercraft patterns. It ranges from medieval weapons to medieval castle style chess board. Some of them even in the real size, 1:1 size!

Since some of them come in PDF file, these papercraft patterns could be easily printed in our home printer. It also have instruction manual to assembly the miniature. Feel the experience of medieval craftsman when we assembly the papercraft weapon. You will be surprised with the detail of the pattern and how amazing the result will be. You will be able to have a collection of papercraft medieval collectibles. It would be nice accessories for your workstation and you will never bore to tell everyone that you made it yourself.

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