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Captain Kirk, I made My Own Phaser Sir!

phaser rifle final pattern by shrakner Captain Kirk, I made My Own Phaser Sir!

Does Captain Kirk ring the bell on you? Yes, you are right! It is about Star Trek TV series. Many of us amazed about The Enterprise space expedition while we grew up. Beside the magnificent Enterprise Space Ships and the teleport transportation, one most remembered thing about Star Trek is the phaser riffle. It looks really futuristic and totally lethal!

There is an easy way to have a phaser riffle miniature. Well. It is not really that easy but need some effort. It is a DIY papercraft riffle models. Some designs have significant details to create riffle models that very similar with the original. One of this riffle papercraft patterns can be found in deviant art website. Shrakner is happily sharing his design of papercraft phaser rifle pattern. This is a paper model of a futuristic riffle that comes with detail.

You can download this pattern in PDF format. It could be easily printed and assembled. You can also find the assembly guidelines inside this website. Using this easy to understand guidelines, you can easily assembly your papercraft phaser riffle. You will be amazed about this detailed pattern and in the end; you could be shy when your wife surprisingly found you playing like a child with the papercraft riffle unconsciously.

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