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Home Made Space Explorer? Yes It’s Possible!

papermodel galileo Home Made Space Explorer? Yes It’s Possible!

As one of the foremost Space agencies, NASA is known best for their leading role in space exploration. They have done many successful campaigns that could be considered as a milestone. But NASA is not only interesting for those geeks in science class. They have many ways to promote space science awareness for people all over the world.

Space science is not always about sophisticated technology, it could be come in fun way. NASA got brilliant ideas. They released SOLAR SYTEM EXPLORATION papercraft models inside their official website Using this free 3D papercraft, you can build your own solar exploration system. You can freely download many designs, from satellite to mars exploration vehicle. Comes in PDF format, this space papercraft model is also completed with instruction manual.

Well, paper modeling needs a hard work. Those spacecraft models have variation difficulties, from easy to challenging rated. You will need to build each parts and combines it in to a magnificent space paper model. It is going to be more interesting if you ask your friends to build the papercraft solar system together. Each one builds their mission and put in together in a complete system. Isn’t it sounds like what NASA and other space agencies do? Cooperate to explore the limitless space mystery. You can create the earth version of those.

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