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F14 Papercraft Model for the Pilot-wanna-be

f14 airplane papermodel F14 Papercraft Model for the Pilot wanna be

Imagine when you could fly to the sky together with your F14. You could soar the sky at highest velocity. You could see people looking like dots from sky above. You would have the incredible feeling for being one of the F14 pilots mixed with the strong adrenaline. Now, you don’t have to enter the West Point which location is far away miles from your house. Just fly your own F14 paper craft, and then you’ll be one of those pilots too. If you are curious to try, follow these steps.

First, surf in Google. There you can find out incredible F14 paper craft model resembles the real one. Then, download paper craft PDF containing detailed pieces of F14 paper craft pattern that will help you a lot to make your own creation. After that, print that paper craft PDF. Next, cut those pieces one by one by scissors. Next, stick them with strong glue. You can recolor them again with coloring pencils or marker. Choose black or silver color to make them look masculine.

Finally, now you can fly your mini-F14 with your kiddos or your best friends. Let your imagination and mind free with your plane. Fly high, captain!

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