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drum paper models Drum Set On Papercraft

For music fans, collecting music models is become a common hobby. Usually these music models are made of iron or wood. However, we can make our own music model that is made of paper.

We can use the ancient Japanese art of papercraft to build our own drum set papercraft. The drum set paper toy pattern can be downloaded free from As long as we follow the instruction, we surely will get the paper model drum set like on the picture. It will not cost us a lot of money, we only have to buy the paper and papercraft tools. It surely much cheaper than buy the real drum set. Many people say that papercraft is hard to make. However, we can find a lot of fun while making it. Cut the paper into small pieces according the pattern and then attach it all together can make us put all our thought into it.

We can get the patterns for new paper models in the website. We can see the result then download the pattern. All of these patterns are free to download. It is part of the fun of this art; we can share the fun with lots of people out there.

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  • Ryan

    i hate this website! it won’t let me see the drums when i open the document!

  • Chase Peterson

    drum sets made by pearl are nice sounding and tough too’;-

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    i just gave my boyfriend a Pearl drum set, they sound super great “”

  • drums

    I enjoy your web publication. Nice to read about anything that is drums related, what have you got arriving next?

  • GayFag

    wow cool i love it.