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doraemon paper models Doraemon Papermodels for You

Since kindergarten school, every Sunday morning I sat in front of TV watching my favorite cartoon program, Doraemon. Believe it or not I even collect Doraemon soft toys and everything related to this cartoon character. Before I realize it, Doraemon has become my guardian angel. This cartoon character always makes me believe that somehow help will come in so many different ways. Even though is the weird kind of way like magic pocket that Doraemon has.

Luckily I found the example of Doraemon papercraft in this site. In this site we can see cute Doraemon papercraft. Creating one will be great addition for my Doraemon collection. To create Doraemon paper model toys I have to know how to make it. First we can download it. Download paper toy here. Then I have to find all necessary tools and paper to help me make this paper toy patterns.

I may not as lucky as Nobita who has Doraemon faithfully always by his side helping him. But Nobita fit our image as someone who is longing for a guardian angel. Maybe our guardian angel of our childhood was there help us go through our innocent childhood. But at least with this Doraemon papercraft model I will be able to restore my childhood memories.


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