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Nemo Clownfish Paper craft

aquarium nemo clownfish Nemo Clownfish Paper craft

I might sound childish but I love animation. One of my favorite Disney Pixar animation movies is Finding Nemo. The reason behind it is not because I find it amusing for a father try to find his son. I really feel Marlin struggle to find Nemo is applicable in real life. My sister and I cried in joy every time we talk about the scene when finally he found his son. My sister is wondering whether can get something to remind her of that movie other than buying the DVD.

I suggest her to check out this website. This website shows you how to make paper aquarium with clownfish in it. It will looks like the two small clownfish swimming around aquarium. Paper modelling is not my thing. So therefore I just love to see my sister, who has more passionate in animal papercraft than me to start on her project. I just show her how to get the free paper models. She just needs to download it here. This website offers her several size of pattern that she can use. If she has trouble understanding the paper model download I just simply ask her to click on help on how to download button.

This movie is really touching my heart. It would be nice to see it in our room as a display.


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