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You really love to take your motorbike for a ride. Riding your motorbike along the way is the most enjoyable time. Your YZF-R1 Yamaha motor surely looks the best among other motorbike. If you are really love it, why you do not try to appreciate your motorbike even more. I am not talking about washing and polishing your motorbike, because I am sure you do it already. I am talking about displaying it.

Displaying it? Yes, displaying it on top of your work desk. I am not asking you to displaying the real motorbike, just the papercrafts models of your motorbike. You can get the example from here. This realistic papercraft need a lot of work. But with perfect papercraft tools and papercraft paper you will get the best papercraft prototype of your YZF-R1. Make the prototype now. Log on to this site and you will get the rough idea how to do it. Make yourself proud and start crafting. Do not forget to download the upgraded model. The upgraded 2007 model is available now. You can get the free paper models here.

You said you love your motorbike so much. Then proof it. Make your own YZF-R1 papercraft model now. Using easy access guide that they have you will want to ride this little guy in no time.

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