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Cute Animal Giraffe Papermodels

After I watched Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa, I fell in love with the giraffe character; Melman.He is so passionate to Gloria the Hippo, without her even notice this before. He is so cute and stupid at the same time. Therefore I start collecting anything with Giraffe pattern. My pillow, bolster case, soft toys, and many more. If there is a perfect way to add my giraffe collection is making giraffe by my self.

But how can I do that? Well, one of my friends points me to this wonderful website. This website contains anything that relate to how to make a beautiful papercrafts toys. Just choose the giraffe image and click on it. You can see that the neck and the leg of the giraffe are moving. The giraffe is moving! This is possible because they are made of springs. Papercraft download can be tricky. So therefore after you choose the giraffe go to help and click how to download. After you click that, you can choose the second steps for paper model pdf.

It is so amazing how easy to get started with this papercraft Animal. Just need to download and see how easy to make one giraffe. To make the leg and the neck may be a bit tricky. But be patient and surely your giraffe will move in no time. It will be perfect addition for your collection. You are making Melman!

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    Looks really cool.