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Cute Paper Craft Calendar

calendar paper craft Cute Paper Craft Calendar

Since this month is still considered as New Year, it will be a good idea to add some more cheerful in your days this year by creating a cute paper craft calendar with colorful decoration. This new style of table calendar will be great if you want to customize it with your own photos and pictures. You can print your artwork on a paper and then put it on your calendar pattern to make it looks more exclusive and personal.

What makes this functional 3D papercraft calendar special is because it is quite practical and cute. You just have to roll it over to see the next month and it can also be a good decoration on your table. This calendar as you can see at the picture above is made in six sides. Each side represents two months in white boxes so you can make some marks for important notes on it.

Make paper model of calendar by your own will be much enjoyable than if you use the common calendar with default pictures. You can also ask your kids to be more disciplines with their duties by making some notes and reminders on the calendar. They will love to check it out often and see if they have to do something in a day. Add some colorful marks on the birthday of each person in your family and consider it as a cute reminder in your personal calendar.

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