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Cute Doeraemon Paper Toys

doraemon paper Cute Doeraemon Paper Toys

Doraemon, a fictional animation character adapted from Japanese comic book has been a guilty pleasure for some of adult people. You cannot avoid the temptation of imagining having our own Doraemon to have all your life’s trouble fixed through the high technology (or magical?) devices that he pulls out from his magic pocket. Doraemon is a representative character of our hope for a guardian angel that will help or at least support us when we have big problems.

Creating Doraemon paper model toy will be fun to remind our selves for the optimism of our childhood times. We never thing about problems in our live not only because we might just too little to understand it all but also because we always feel rest assured for a hope that will come save us if we have a good intention and be nice.

It is quite fascinating actually, how through simple papercraft tools and simple idea you can summon so many beautiful memories of our childhood. Doraemon has been a part of our life that we can’t simply forget how it have already accompany our most cheerful time. Make Doraemon paper models now, keep it as a charm or send it to your loved ones and spread happiness to people around you.

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