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BatMobile Paper Craft

batmobile paper models BatMobile Paper Craft

What makes Batman is more special than any other superheroes? Well, it is definitely because actually he has nothing special, or “gift”, or have been bitten by radiated insects like other superheroes. He can be a superhero because of his own will and supported with extremely a lot of money of course. Among the other superheroes who have different unique abilities, Batman still can stand up among the other for the advanced technologies he is using every time he chase his enemies and counter their criminalities.

One of the most interesting technological devices that Batman possesses is the Batmobile. It has unique and cool design that completed with special features. On the picture above, you can see the 3d papercraft model of Batmobile. If you think papercraft models are usually only interesting for girls, this paper craft Batmobile will change that stereotype.

Batmobile papercraft will looks great as a prototype or model. You can make it as a complement for your batman collection and enjoy your own artwork for self-satisfaction. It will be a good idea to spend your spare time. Creating your favorite thing with your own hand will make you feel proud for the excellent result you will get.

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  • Batman Games

    Hey this is a great post!

  • Rocket

    Great man!!! I did one like this in my childhood, and now I see it again in all its glory (and with a much better craft…)!!! Reminds me good old times….. Thanks for this post.