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Little Red Riding Hood Paper Craft

children paper craft Little Red Riding Hood Paper Craft

Every kid loves story tale. You can take the advantage to deliver moral value to them while stimulating their creativity by implementing this fun activity in a paper craft. Little Red Riding Hood will be a good story to tell them how talk wandering around and do not obey what your parents have said will bring bad effect to you and other people round you. You can tell this story in cute practical papercraft scenes that able to be folded for practical storage.

There are four scenes on the Little Red Riding Hood story that you can tell through this papercraft model; the first scene is when the Little Red Riding Hood told by her mother to visit her grand mother on the other side of the woods. Her mother warn her not to waste her time by wandering around the woods and just go straight to the grandmother’s house. The scene then move to the woods where the Little Red Riding Hood meet the wolf that will attract her to pick the flowers deeper to the woods while the wolf take this opportunity of the girl’s lateness by eat up her grandmother.

The scene than move to when Little Red Riding Hood arrived to her grand mother’s house and find out that the wolf have already ate her grand mother and about o swallow up her too. Then come a hunter save her and kill the wolf to let the grand mother out from its stomach. This Little Red Riding Hood paper modeling will be the favorite of every kid and you can also let them to tell the story on their own style.

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  • Rose

    I never even considered making crafts like this, but it is very creative.

    I’m currently working on crepe flowers for stage set design, and I can’t believe how much fun my 5 year old has with both helping and playing with the end result….

    She’s not too crazy about little red riding hood, but I can see that a princess stage box like the above would be VERRRYYY appreciated.

    Thanks for getting my creative juices going…

  • admin

    Thanks for the nice comment rose :)

    Yeah, I also think this paper craft is really creative, so I post this craft in my blog :)

    Check out another paper craft idea in this blog, you may love them :)