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Taj Mahal Paper Craft

taj mahal paper Taj Mahal Paper Craft

Absolutely you know about Seven Wonders of the World in some countries across this world. Some people love to collect them in their home but this one is the different material of miniature. Usually most miniatures using metals, ceramics or plastics materials, and this one is using papers called papercraft. You will find Taj Mahal papercraft models here and you can make it then have it in your home.

You will get much information about this papercraft and you can make it based on the instruction then have the best result. This papercraft is downloadable and you can get the paper model in PDF format because all of papercraft here using this software to download. As usual, you need some papercraft tools like scissors, glue, toothpicks and many more.

If you think that this is a must-have handmade then you can follow this link below to get much more information. By this link you can download Taj Mahal paper toy with the instructions. Remember that this handmade work consists of many small parts and you need to watch over your kid if she is interested in this thing because small parts can be harmful for children under seven years old.

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  • Jim

    It’s very nice papercraft, I used to have other Taj ma ha papercraft but this one is more beautiful. Thanks for share