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Togepi Pokemon Paper Craft

togepi pokemon papercraft 300x225 Togepi Pokemon Paper Craft

Do you know the Pokemon? Everybody will surely love the animated TV series for it is showing a lot of funny monsters along the episodes. No matter how old you are, you must be able to enjoy the show while learning about the stories and seeing so many adventures that the main character in the series runs in.

All the people in the world who have ever watched the series must know that there is a monster character in the series named Togepi. For those who do not, Togepi is a monster enveloped in the egg shell. This funny monster can be yours as well. It is not that I suggest you to come inside the animated series, but by having it in the paper crafts form.

With the Pokemon paper crafts, you can do whatever you can not in the real world. So it means that the 3d paper craft will help you expanding the range of your imagination and then also developing your creativity.

The paper craft pattern of this cute monster character for the series will be able to be downloaded by you only by following the link below. So what are you waiting for? The cutest character of Pokemon is right here waiting for you to be owned. You may also like this Pikachu Paper craft too icon smile Togepi Pokemon Paper Craft

Download the papercraft here


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  • matthew

    how do you make togepi

  • Pokemon Download

    Togepi is really one of my favorites, so sweet :)

  • Luna Lovegood

    im stuck at setting up the crown do i do it? o.o–
    answer ASAP plz

  • admin

    Unfortunately, I haven’t assembly this papercraft myself, I’m sorry I can’t help you.

    However for everyone who have made this papercraft, please help Luna and the others.

    Thanks :)

  • Luna Lovegood

    i desperately need it T-T ..

  • No body

    I want to learn how to make it!

  • hannah

    how do you make him i really wantto make im

  • pokemon expert

    oh i’ll tell you all, its the best pokemon craft web in the world! log onto and make any (well nearly…) any pokemon you want! Hope i helped… and have fun!

  • pokemon expert

    you’ll get instructions, and some tips if you download it at paperpokes.

  • togepi

    i can’t open it in my adobe reader WHYYY? D:

  • vitor

    me too, I can’t open it in my adobe reader