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nintendo papercraft 300x225 Downloadable Paper Models

Playing with the papers and reforming them into any other brand new form is fun, isn’t it? In Japanese language it is called origami. We can explore our imagination and spread over our form abstraction capability. Nowadays, the paper craft is a common thing to offer in the internet.

One of the web sites which offer such service is Nintendo papercraft. This web site is providing the services of movie and game character as the printable paper models. So, we can find out the Super Mario Bros character in this printable paper craft web site. And there are many other characters like the monsters from the Pokemon cartoon serial. This web site even holds a contest where the Pokemon paper crafts will be in such big match. Visit the web site and see the contest requirements for yourself. Of course there are prizes to win.

Every paper craft model in this web site has a link to free download paper models. You can download them and play it by yourself. Just simply log on to the web site and then you will see the list of paper models included the download directory right below the article. Easy, isn’t it? So, if you think so, why still wait? Come in to the web site and download the models.


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