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Origami, state of art and skill

origami Origami, state of art and skill

The art of paper craft is originally come from Japan. In japanese this paper folding art is called ‘origami‘, the word ‘oru’ means folding, while ‘kami’ means paper. The beauty of origami’s art exists in the way the papers is folded, resulting a certain form , sometimes in animals, flowers, free ornaments, cartoon character, and even to riffle form folding.

Paper craft maker is free to determine the objects they are interested in, but basically all those objects formed must be designed first in a fine paper craft patterns. Determining a precise measure is important in order to create a neat paper models, especially if it is dealing with 3d paper models that resemble to a certain wellknown characters.

In the end, paper craft or origami is all about combination of skill and art. It needs a good preparation, planning, and based on imagination of the objects we’re about to make.If you want to learn more about origami, please go to Paper folding site. The old and famous origami site, which have many useful resource about paper folding icon smile Origami, state of art and skill


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