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Origami for brain therapy

origami craft 300x243 Origami for brain therapy

For these times, origami ( paper folding in english) is more known as an art job, a skillfull hand-made souvenir. This condition can not be blamed since paper crafts takes so much advance skill to value. Besides I am sure everybody will agree with the fact that in order to get one wonderful paper models creation, we must give our self an extra time too.

But how many of you also find out that this japanese paper craft art has also given a very good influenced for brain development ? Yeah, according to origami masters, this paper folding skill will give a stimulant for brain activity. Paper folding or origami – in which needs a high passion and concentration – is also good for the elders to keep their brain stay healthy.

Some wonderful facts has even applied. That is in dealing with soul-therapy for children getting violence. Some social agency has been using this method to sooth their mind and passion, to redeem vandals inside, and to make them be more focus.

If you want to learn more about origami, check out the best site to learn origami I found in HERE. They provide a lot of origami paper craft to be made icon smile Origami for brain therapy


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  • han.

    hmff, sorry but i think oragayme is stupid, i have no intrest in this sheeitt.

  • steph.

    cool!.. not

  • Waheed343

    this is nice paper model. but if it is better to show step by step….
    i want this type of works if u can ………………….