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One Piece Papercraft: Luffy

luffy paper models One Piece Papercraft: Luffy

Are an otaku who love to crafting? Then you have to download this this One Piece Papercraft : Luffy. It’s made from Japanese Anime character from One piece called Luffy. Luffy is the main character on one piece, the one who called “Rubber man” due to his flexible body. Now you can get this printable One Piece Papercraft to made, and place him on the desk.

You also have to check out our article about Sanji paper craft, both from famous Anime Once piece from Japan! Yay! Both of the One piece character is in Super deformed or Chibi form, which make it more cute. Personally, I love Sanji more than Luffy, because in this paper craft, Sanji is looks more cute icon smile One Piece Papercraft: Luffy

Btw, here is the Download Link of One Piece Papercraft

Enjoy the process of making one Piece papercraft ^^


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