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Cryptex Paper Model Davinci Code

cryptex paper craft Cryptex Paper Model Davinci Code

Have you seen or read about the controversial ever The Davinci Code ? Starring by Tom Hanks in the movie with same title. Dan Brown as the writer of “Davinci Code” and “Angel and Demons” novel are really awesome making such masterpiece story like this. With brilliant idea he make contradiction story about Christian faith, combined with few device by Leonardo Da Vinci and at the end we know that most wanted stuff they are looking for is a cryptex which is used to hide a secret.

So the famous cryptex now can be design as a paper craft. I have hard find it from many source, but only this one site I could found it. Hope you will enjoy creating paper craft pattern . This is original paper craft template, some naughty has edited but lucky me I can brought you presented the original ones. Please feel free to download this paper craft.

Download The Paper craft HERE


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