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Jack O Lantern Halloween Paper Craft

halloween paper craft 300x226 Jack O Lantern Halloween Paper Craft

Most of us must be know about Halloween, here is I brought you customizable design of Jack O Lantern Halloween Paper Models. Me myself didn’t understand too why always pumpkins are the mascot of the Halloween. With the carved pumpkins shows crazy, creepy, scary design, with fiery eyes. Sometimes people just put in their yard, or hang in front their house. Ooh, how much I missed Halloween moment, where chocolate, candy, or even lollipop are gives for free.

Well back to the paper craft. This paper craft model are available in various shapes and sizes from our usual suspects (Canon, Yamaha, Paper Museum) and some new ones as well. Not too complicated to build it, just need some patient feeling. All you have to do just follow the paper craft pattern. And you’ll see how wonderful is your lantern paper craft’s. Oh and don’t forget to put some witch had on the top of the Jack-O. It will be perfect addition for your Halloween adornment.

Download the craft here


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