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DIY Chess from Origami Paper

paper craft chess 300x225 DIY Chess from Origami Paper

If you have hobbies in playing chest but you challenged to created it by your own instead of purchasing it, you are able to create your needed chess board along with its pieces from the paper models that is existed in some paper crafts ideas website address. You might also ask your friend to join in making this Papercraft chess board before you start playing it which is would makes the Papermodels activity becomes very fun.

All you need to do is finding the website address that is offer the paper craft chess board model. You are able to find it though the search engine if you do not have any. When you already find it, download free paper craft while prepare the tools to making it such as scissors, cutter, glue and tiny stick. When your printer is finished in download the printable paper models, you are able to start making the papermodel chess board and its pieces according to the given clue.

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to find the 3D papermodels of chess board in the existed paper craft pattern.

Download Chess Patter HERE


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  • marc anthony


  • marc anthony