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Pokemon House 3d paper models

pikachu paper models 300x249 Pokemon House 3d paper models

Pokemon is a famous Cartoon worldwide, and Pikachu (the main Pokemon in the animation) is become really famous icon and mascot too. That’s why I really interested with this Pikachu Headquater Paper models found in PaperKraft.  The one with 3d look is just the Pikachu House/Headquarters, and have several Cute Pokemon Paper Craft which just 2d models. However, I still think that one is cool too.

To get This printable paper models, you just need download the templates, provide scissors and glue and have to making paper models icon smile Pokemon House 3d paper models

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  • William Moore

    Pokemons are so cute, i kind of love all of them.–`

  • Austin Cook

    Pikachu is the cutest and my favortie among the Pokemons.*”"

  • Maria Rogers

    Pikachu is really the cutest pokemon..**

  • Compatible Ink :

    when i hear the word Pokemon, Pikachu always comes up to my mind~’*

  • Double Headboard

    Pokemons are very very cute, i would really love to keep one of them in our home ~”-

  • Jarrett Browning

    i could not get the code for the foldable to work for my website can u help me?