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Create Rose Paper Flower

paper flower 225x300 Create Rose Paper Flower

When I was a child, I usually bought a rose for my mom in Mother’s day or sometimes in her birthday. Well, these days I used to get the flowers from my boyfriend. however, sometimes I also wonder how actually to make rose paper craft. That’s why I really happy when I found tutorial in this blog the step by step how to create paper flowers.

All you need is just a red paper and scissor. Surprsingly, the process how to make the flowers from paper is fairly easy too. Just follow the simple step by step, you also will be surprised with how beautiful your rose paper icon smile Create Rose Paper Flower


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  • RoseFan

    …The wild roses includes the species listed above and some of their hybrids…

  • scents

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  • ian

    where can i find this rose template above?