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Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

Seek a Cute Animal Paper craft templates to download? Don’t go anywhere, because you will find all the paper models about animals to fold, glue, cut and make here, at Paper Modelz. Because a lot of people search for Animal paper models and end up in my blog, I think I have to make a nice collection of my Animals paper craft too. Enjoy our PaperModels collection. All Paper crafts are free to download!

farm animal paper craft 300x156 Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

We have a nice collection of Animal Farms paper craft that consist of three farm Animals:Chicken, Cow and Pig!

panda paper Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern panda paper models Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

We also have Some Panda Paper craft. We have two version of Panda Paper craft, one is the Cute Panda Paper craft, Kung Fu Panda Paper Craft .

kokone01 Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

For people who love cats, We have several Cat paper models too. Check out the Lots of Cats paper craft and Single Japanese Cat Paper models. They are really cute, guaranteed icon smile Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

zebra paper craft Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

I have some Wild Animals paper models too, but in Cute Version. Check out our nice and Cute Zebra Paper craft, still in Black and White Zebra Pattern. The second one is Lion Paper Craft. It’s Japanese Cute Lion version, I think Children won’t scared when making this paper craft.

goldfish paper craft 300x242 Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern

Non Land Animals, I also have it! I really love this Japanese Goldfishes Paper Craft because it’s breezy and has nice diorama too. I also have a cute Frog Paper craft too. But I don’t think everyone like it because there are so many people who hates frog.

Ok, that’s all. I don’t post all animals paper crafts I have, because it’s too many! I only post the cute and The Nice one. Happy Crafting and downloading all the printable paper craft icon smile Free Animal Paper Craft Pattern


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  • Rosanna

    This is a beauiful website and really love the farm animals however i can’t download them.. could yo send me them please?

  • Anna

    These farm animals are adorable.. I also am having trouble downloading… Could you email me the templates please?


  • admin

    Hi Rosanna and Anna,
    You have to visit all hyperlinks, they are the address to seperate post and have links for the source too.

    Hope you will love the papercraft :)

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