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Suzumiya Haruhi Paper Models

haruhi models 225x300 Suzumiya Haruhi Paper Models

Now let’s make something different. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is one of the most famous Anime nowadays. There are a lot of company create Haruhi and friends figure, figurines, or even the statue. However, those Japanese action figure is cost much money, because Japanese figure usually cost more than US figure.

I have a cute alternative for you. Introducing a Chibi Haruhi Suzumiya paper craft, a fun and unique way to create a Haruhi models. You only need printers and carton paper to make this Haruhi Paper models. You don’t need to spend any money because this Anime paper models is free of charge. Download here

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  • brad4ds

    I don’t see a download link. Could someone please fix this?

  • admin

    Ooops! Sorry, the link is fixed! Happy downloading :)

  • brad4ds

    Thanks for the link to the website, but I can’t find a download link from there, either. Have you actually downloaded this model? If so, could you please tell me where the link is?

  • admin

    Sorry for the broken link. After translating the Japanese web, it also doesn’t say anything about the download link too.

    However, I found another version of Haruhi Paper models here : You will need pepakura viewer to make the paper models (link provided there too)

    I hope it will help you. Thanks to report the broken link, brad4ds.

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  • anonymous

    ON the website i cant see anything not even the pictures! can you send me the pictures? please do if you can

  • chan

    Hi there, this is a very interesting and unique model. Where can i download it? nothing on the given link shows the templates. PLease do help thx!

  • admin

    Sorry, I also don’t find the download link but I provide the alternative for this paper craft, please take a look in comment #4, thanks :)

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  • Me

    The blog is not working it says

    “This blog is closed down and is marked for deletion.”

    Plugin provided by Taragana

    If possible pleas mail it to me.

    My email is thanks.

  • Yuki

    hola, sabes el enlace esta roto -.-
    si tienes todavia el papercraft de haruhi
    me lo podrias mandar a mi mail

    muchas gracias
    y perdon si escri en español
    mi ingles es un asco -.-
    gracias ja ne!