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Pikachu Pokemon Paper Crafts

pikachu pokemon 300x225 Pikachu Pokemon Paper Crafts

Hiyaaa, found a really cute Paper models, this is a anime based Paper craft. You must known this: Pikachu from Pokemon.It’s yellowish famous creature from Pokemon. Pikachu itself is the main character of Pokemon cartoon show, which is really popular worldwide, including US, even this Pokemon anime is first shown in Japan.

Ready? Download here. Thanks PaperKraft to let me know about this cute craft icon smile Pikachu Pokemon Paper Crafts Of course, you still can download this printable paper craft for free!

PS: Don’t forget to download this Pokeball paper craft too! Pikachu paper models will be really good if you place it beside the Pokeball. Check out also the Best Japan Figurines too, you may like it icon smile Pikachu Pokemon Paper Crafts


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  • Bakugan Battle

    I usually dont post in Blogs but your post forced me to. Interesting work.

  • Bakugan

    Ive only just started learning about the subject – some great info there.

  • nmm,bb123


  • nmm,bb123


  • Amber

    i go to the website to get the info, I CANT READ JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!! how do i know where to attach what parts and where? please tell me everything someone

  • admin

    We also don’t understand Japanese. So we usually use common sense to download it. Or just use Google Translate to translate the Japanese paper models website.
    Hope that help :)

  • person

    I translated it from japanese to english, it doesn’t give instructions :(

  • admin

    Yeah, it also bugs me that most papercraft doesn’t have instruction. If there is, it would be Japanese..

  • arvis


  • rizz

    the link is broken…
    where can i get another pattern? if you have would you mind to send me email? thanks a lot… :)

  • Daniel

    *Almost a year later*
    Does anyone happen to have this paper model archived? The Kooz site doesn’t seem to exist anymore =(

  • chantel

    HiHi, i cant get the template! received “Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.” =( possible to email me the template if you still have it? PLEASE?