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Japanese Frog Paper Models

frog paper pattern Japanese Frog Paper Models

Frogs’ habitat is fresh water and they usually sit on the lotus leaf while “kworking” (Sorry, can’t find the appropriate name for imitating frog). Because of the habitat’s is included in this Frog Paper Craft, this make the animal papercraft more beautiful than this Frog Music Box Paper Craft. Although this frog is made from paper, this paper pattern have really detailed pattern, like this frog has curvy body with great posing.

Another good news is this frog paper templates is complete with step by step instruction! Although the instruction is made in Japanese languange, the image said all the steps clearly, make this paper craft easier to make.

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  • Dina

    The verb you are looking for is croak. We say frogs make a croaking sound.
    Ex. The frogs are croaking.
    Croak is formal and more technical.

    You can also say ribbit.
    Ribbit-ribbit is the sound we tell little children that frogs make.
    Ex. “Ribbit-ribbit” said the frog.
    Please not that the words ribbit and ribbiting very informal.

    Personally, the word croak is more commonly used in writing and it sounds better in this instance.