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Cute Mice Paper Models

cute mouse paper craft 300x187 Cute Mice Paper Models

colorful mice craft

Another Cute Paper Models for Mice lover, If you succeed download and assembly this Mouse Paper craft, maybe you want to make another Mice, but with more color and less cheese. This paper craft is the answer. The mice has a really nice (but too many) color in their body. I think it looks like a gangster mice, they using tattoo all over their body, haha! The paper craft pattern is really colorful, but nice in same time. Personally, I don’t really like this too colorful papercraft.. However, kids may like this paper craft, because they usually love crafting with a fancy noisy and colorful pattern, don’t they?

Have fun and let’s download this cute children paper craft!


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  • Lilian

    I really like the craft, but the instructions should be in English… One more suggestion: you could have a black and white version available…
    Thank you!

  • admin

    Sometimes, instruction is come in Japanese and sometimes we don’t get the instruction at all.

    However, We will try to find more papercraft in english instruction :)