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SD Gundam Paper Models

sd gundam paper 300x225 SD Gundam Paper Models

Gundam Models

If you a Gundam Lover, you must never pass this paper models, because this paper craft is really fun to make and it will also entertain the inner self of Gundam Modeller. This Japanese paper craft is a bit hard to make, and I think it’s harder than assembly the SD Gundam the real version (the Plastic Model version).

SD stands for Super Deformed, where the real Gundam is pressed to make as cute as possible, and the result is a very cute paper craft like this icon smile SD Gundam Paper Models This paper models consist of 8 page assembly, you have to make it very carefully or you have to print again this downloadble paper craft

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  • Kaiju D’amato

    It seems i have discovered this craft too late – looks amazing, though! Is there anywhere i can download this kit from? Thank you!

  • RX-78-2 Pilot

    I’m really interested in this paper craft model but I don’t have a clue about how to download the assembly sheets because the web site is in japanese. Anyone can help ?