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Pinhole Camera Paper Craft

pinhole paper craft 300x246 Pinhole Camera Paper Craft

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Tired making a regular Printable 3d paper models that only feature live creature like Human, Cartoon, or anime character? Let’s off from those paper models and make this (a little bit) useful paper craft. When we was a elementary student, some teachers make us to create a pinhole camera for experiment. Now we can back to those memories and make it again!

Download here, the paper craft pattern for the pinhole camera. I really like the design pattern, it’s so beautiful with a nice retro touch. If you have time to kill, let’s make this pinhole camera from this paper craft templates.

PS: Thanks to Claudia to let me know this cool paper craft icon smile Pinhole Camera Paper Craft You also have a really nice blog!


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  • Claudia

    you are welcome :-) I really love this stuff and you find such amazing things on the web.