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Donut and Pudding Paper craft

donut pudding 300x225 Donut and Pudding Paper craft

Paper Food or Snack

Now, let’s set aside the usual paper people craft or video game paper craft like this kirby paper models. I have something unique to be shared with you. If you love food, I suggest you to download not too realistic paper craft but it’s good enough. This is a paper models of Pudding and Donut, two of favorite snack in Japan and worldwide. Aww, I become really hungry just seeing this, I wonder if I also can get this on my diet meal delivery.

This papermodels is realtively easy to make and you don’t need paper craft supplies at all. You just need to download and print this template to create a printed craft paper of Doughnout and Pudding. Hmm, makes you hungry? Go eat first before make this paper craft icon smile Donut and Pudding Paper craft

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