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Kirby Papercraft

kirby paper craft 298x300 Kirby Papercraft

Kirby Paper Models

If you Love Nintendo so much and own Nintendo DS, you must known Kirby, a pink fluffy ball mascot of Nintendo. Thanks to Nintendo Paper Craft who create and download this 3 d Kirby Papercraft, now we can enjoy a really cute video game paper craft. This Kirby papercraft is the version of  Kirby in Super Smash Brawl, where he/she holding cooking pot and pan (believe it or not, the cooking pot and pan is her weapon). If you have played Supersmash Brawl before, she (or he  ^^) is a really awesome. Even she’s cute and small, she’s a really good fighter.

This is a really nice paper craft from japan, especially for Nintendo Video games lover. I have found several Cute Japan papercraft, but I must admit this is one of the cutest Japanese papercraft I have ever seen. If you love Kirby or simply love Nintendo, then make sure to download this Kirby papercraft or Known as Kirby Paper models.

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