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Beijing Olympics Paper Models

paper models olympic 300x256 Beijing Olympics Paper Models

Beijing Olympics are coming! I bet a lot of chinese people worldwide really exited to looking forward it and really want to see it. They also made some very nice 2008 Beijing Olympics mascot, the Fuwa which mean Good luck dolls. And then, now fuwa available as the Mascot paper craft 3d to be download, it’s printable and you can place in your desk to celebrate 2008 Beijing Olympics, yay!

Just like the 5 Olympic rings that represent 5 continents that participate the olympic, the Fuwa Mascots are consist of They are Beibei (blue), Jingjing (black), Huanhuan (red), Yingying (yellow?) and Nini (green). Looks really cute, don’t they? Ok, just download this cute Chinese paper craft here.

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