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Cute Japanese Doll House

japanese doll house Cute Japanese Doll House

Want to download the free paper doll house? You might want to take a look at this Cute Japanese Classic House Paper Craft. This doll house is paper based and the design is just look like the regular classic Japanese house (yes, Japanese house is tiny because property is really expensive there). The doll house also really great companion for the best Japanese Figurines too. Check out the gallery if you don’t know about Japanese Figure.

This Printable doll house simply really cute and classy. What I really like is the doll house paper models miniature really represent simple and cozy Japanese house. You don’t need to buy this, you can get this printable paper models for FREE. Interested? Go download the Japanese doll house miniatures here

japanese house cute Cute Japanese Doll House


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  • Tanya

    Lovely! Thank you!

  • Claudia


    perhaps you could like this as well:

    It is a full japanese house

  • admin

    Thanks for the link, Claudia! I will post in and scheduled to the end of this month. Thanks a lot!

  • Claudia

    welcome :-) I actually collect dolls but I’m really fascinated by the paper models and my hands are hitching to try something. Something more simple than the japanese house LOL