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Iphone 3G Paper Models

iphone 3g paper 216x300 Iphone 3G Paper Models

Iphone 3g will released worldwide in Juli 11, and I bet there are lots of people who cannot wait for that Apple most fancy phone. Why don’t you get the “feel” before that time and create this downloadble Iphone 3G Paper Models? Simply, this paper models is really easy to make, it’s just like folding a cube. Perfect as Iphone 3G dummy before you get the real (not the papercraft one) Iphone 3G paper Models. Ok, this Iphone also create new categories for paper models: The Electronic Paper models icon smile Iphone 3G Paper Models More to be added soon!



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  • Sherrilyn

    I got an iPhone 3G as a gift from my best friend. This phone is the best phone that i ever had, great style and great features. I luv my iPhone 3G.

  • Jaime

    iPhone 3G is simply the best phone that i have owned. It is very stylish and its nice features. I also own an N97 but i like the iphone.

  • Eugenio

    the first batch of iPhone 3G was a bit pricey but now the price is more affordable than before. I bought two units of iPhone 3g and i am amazed of this phone.

  • Christopher Mills

    the iphone 3G looks cooler and stylish than blackberry’,.