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Cute Farm Animal Paper Craft

farm animal paper craft 300x156 Cute Farm Animal Paper Craft

Want to get more cute paper folding crafts? Well, I highly recommends you download this farm animals paper models. These paper models have several cute farm animals like Chicken, Cow, and Pig. They are easy to make because the shape is really simple. By the way, do you noticed that those animals … euh, the eatable animals? However, these paper models are not edible anyway icon smile Cute Farm Animal Paper Craft

Because these are the printable paper craft, you don’t need to buy any paper craft supplies except glue, scissor, carton and printer. Ok, go download them and enjoy this printable 3d paper crafts icon smile Cute Farm Animal Paper Craft

Download the Chicken

Download the Cow

Download the Pig

PS: Because the Original Source is deleted, I upload them to my site instead. Now the link is fixed and you can download it right away. Please leave the comment again if it still can’t be downloaded



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  • xiaomo

    The download url doesn’t work.

  • admin

    Really? I downloaded and it works fine..

  • xiaomo

    Yes.I come from China,maybe it’s blocked by the GFW.Can you send them to me via E-mail,Thanks a lot!

  • xiaomo

    Are you still online?o(∩_∩)o…
    I’m waitting for the PDF,thanks a lot!

  • xiaomo

    I want it to enjoy my girlfriend.please help me,thanks!

  • admin

    Sorry, I have something to do and back online now. The pattern will be sent via email shortly. I hope you enjoy it :)

  • Kristen

    The url doesn’t work, and I’d really like the patterns

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  • w0nik

    i cant download it!! i want it!!! please send me on my email!

  • deedee

    Hello! these are adorable but i also cannot download the patterns. please send it to me via email. Thanks very much!

  • adida

    they are so cute. the links do not work. i want them. please send them to me by my email. Thank you

  • admin

    Hi adida,
    I will search in my HDD whether it’s downloaded or not, if it’s on my hdd, then I will upload to file sharing site. Just wait and see :)

  • Jedda

    I would love the pig one, but can’t get it to load :( Can you email it?
    These are amazing! I can’t wait to share your site!

  • steve boston

    site not working

  • tino_4593

    làm ơn có ai có mẫu papercraft con gà của nông trại ko?cho em với.em dnag cần gấp,làm ơn giúp em!

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  •ón-Comercio/1546925646 Representación Comercio

    what is the password of the files?