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paper models city 300x153 Paper Models City

Bored with individual paper models? If you have lots of time (you should… It’s a summer holiday actually!) I highly recommend you to download this free Paper models City. It’s just like a lego City bricks, but you will make it from paper. It’s an advanced level of paper craft! Not only car, not only people, but you will build a whole small city! Woo Hoo! Okey, this is a printable papercraft, so you only need a carton paper and printer (make sure it’s full of ink, you will need a lot!)

City is not a city without the component. You will build several vehicles like ambulance, police car, flower truck, taxi, dump truck, fireman’s car, postman car, taxi and bus paper craft. Then, you will build some paper people to make it more attractive. Last, you have to create some road and field to make it more real. Interested? Go Download here


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