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R2D2 Paper Models

r2d2 paper 300x225 R2D2 Paper Models

Really lover starwars and want to download Star Wars Paper models? How about start with this cute Star Wars R2D2 Paper Models, the famous droid from Star Wars Series. This paper model is really small, but it’s easy to make. Th hardest thing is to cut and glue it precisely, because this paper model is really small. Then, after you finished create this free paper craft, you will get a cute desktop companion!

In this free download paper models set, you will get not only one droid, but 8 droids paper models! You will get R2D2 R2-D2 droid, R2-D1 droid,R2-A6 Droid, R2-D3 Droid, R2-X2 Rebel Droid, R2-R9 Astromec Droid, R2-Q5, Empire Droid and R2-B1 Astromec Droid. Too busy to make it?

Download here (Japanese web)


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