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octopus paper models Octopus Paper models

The Japanese Paper Models artist Rommy Sloth paper toys has release the Octopus Paper Craft. Cute! Looks like this Octopus paper models is inspired when they eat Takoyaki, the Japanese Octopus Balls. This paper models is relatively easy to make, I have download it and it only has one paper to create it.

However, they set the time of this availability. You only can download this Cute Paper model until the middle of July. If you too late, you can contact me via contact form and I will send you (of give the download link from my host) for you to make this paper model (Of Course, this Free and printable paper model is free to download) Enjoy!

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  • Indra

    Hi there, I missed quite a few of the Sloth series papercraft but I loved them! Could you please send the templates you’ve got in a zip form or something please? Much appreciated if you could.

  • admin

    Hi Indra,
    I only download the Cherry Moo paper models, here’s the download link hope it will help you :)

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  • ale

    i would love to have it but too late and i tried to find it somewhere but nothing!!!!
    i guess you are my savior would you please send it to me!!!

  • Adri

    I guess I am a couple of years too late. I would love to have the Octopus model.