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Pokemon PaperCraft: PokeBall

pokeball 300x154 Pokemon PaperCraft: PokeBall

Pokemon Papercraft is paper models made from popular cartoon Pokemon. Back then, Pokemon is really popular amongst children, it’s about 8-10 years ago where people love to talk about it. I was a junior high school and boys in my class love to play pokemon card, with PokeBall logo behind the card. The series is run again now so I think children these years also know about it. Pokemon also has their popular series as Nintendo DS games. It also known as one of the best Nintendo DS games for Kids.

If your children love Pokemon series, go download this PokeBall Pokemon Papercraft. Or if you like me, a children who raised when Pokemon series is popular back then, you can download it for collection purpose. PokeBall is the storage for Monsters in the cartoon series. It’s a rounded Ball with Red,white and Black color.  Now you can download the Pokeball papercraft, print it, cut it , glue it.. and voila! You have one of the best Pokemon papercraft ever!

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