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Cute Mice and Cheese Paper Craft

gold digger 300x99 Cute Mice and Cheese Paper Craft

Children Holiday is coming! And Now I found a really cute free kids paper crafts for them to spend their holiday time. Like Usual, this paper craft is printable. So you just need to download the .pdf file (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Must) and print it in your favorite printer. It’s easy, isn’t it? With this simple thing can make your children happy.

The Creator, Maarten Janssens called this Cute Mice and Cheese Paper craft as the “Gold Diggers”. Maybe he called it because the cheese is yellow/gold and the mice dig it. The paper models is fairly easy. I have downloaded it and create it, simple ans really easy! It’s a really great free childrens paper crafts.

Ok, download the paper models craft here


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