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Cow Sumo Wrestling Paper Models

cute cow Cow Sumo Wrestling Paper Models

I’m a big fan of Cow, and now I want to share my finding about the latest Cow Paper Models. Some people may think that this cute free paper models is a bit weird.. It featured Two Cow doing Sumo Wrestling sport. It the court, there is also a judge who determine whether the sumo player is winning or losing.

Assembly this paper model is not really hard. It’s really great for Kids Summer project too. This cute, easy to make and colorful printable paper models sure will attract them. However, if you want to know the step by step how to make it, just check it here.

You can download free paper models here


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  • xq


    thanks for the models

    but i cant open the instruction to assemble the pieces

  • Bailey Singh

    i like to watch wrestling on TV and i have always been a fan of WWE.-*

  • Luis Howard

    real wrestling only exists on the olympics, the wrestling on WWE is quite scripted:;’

  • Activated Carbon Filter :

    my son enjoys watching wrestling and he wants to be a wrestler when he grows up”.;