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Magical Castle Paper Models

Disney castle Magical Castle Paper Models

Tired making the Too easy Papermodels? Now PaperModelz, the best (I Hope)papermodel blog will help you to make the HARD and DETAILED papercraft! Well, I think you find the answer! Try to make this Castle Paper Models, the difficult Fantasy Paper Models! Well, this is one of the cutest building paper models. This paper models is inspired by Disney’s Magical Castle, where many princess like sleeping beauty, Snow White and Cinderella live. Don’t worry about the cost (sometimes the good paper models are cost you some money) This papermodel is free to download!

To make this paper craft, you will need full equipment. You will need the papercraft knife, scissor, toothpick, marker, and glue. However, don’t worry about the result, if you make it carefully (and need a lot of time!) You will get the really fabolous 3d building paper models. Great fantasy castle paper model and now finally you can make your japanese papercraft castle in Disney Style.
Download It Here!

(Divided into 11 parts and one instruction. Make sure you download the instruction too, it’s really hard and detailed!)


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  • jenz

    Hi! Nice shots! Seems like you’re really havin’ fun eh?!
    here’s one great spot I think you’d also be glad to visit!


    Originally built in the 13th century on a site
    previously settled by the Vikings it functioned as a
    military fortress, a prison, treasury, courts of law
    and the seat of English Administration in Ireland for
    700 years.

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  • WC

    Inspired by Disney’s castle? Um, no it -is- Disney’s castle. It’s even hosted on their own site. Jeez.

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  • Michelle

    Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

  • bilal

    i think the castle will look so parite