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cow moo paper Cute Cow Paper Models

Do you remember Harvest moon, the game where we can play the simulation of the farmland life? I really like the cow (that’s why I make the Cowizm Blog), the cow at harvest moon is really cute. Until now, I still play the Harvest Moon Sequel, the Rune Factory for Nintendo DS.

Now The Moo Cow is coming in folding paper models, which you just download the pdf file, print it with your printer (use color printer for the best result), crop, glue, and fold again carefully. The result will be like the picture above! In this free paper models, you just need to download it and understand Japanese a little. Oh yeah, this is a 3 d paper models, so it’s 3d and not 2d.. Looks really real!

More Info (Japanese)

DownLoad Link (Japanese too!!)


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  • anjar

    none of the links seem to be working properly so i cant downlaod the cow to make it which i really want to do

  • admin

    Hi, Anjar,
    Yes I have tried it and it doesn’t work. It went smoothly when I test the link, but unfortunately the creator decide to remove it.

    Next time I will provide you with another Cow Paper Model, when I post it, I will email you :)

  • anjar

    aww epic thanks for that!

  • anjar

    i managed to find a download for it here:

  • admin

    Thanks Anjar! Please report me again if you find any broken links.. I have several backups because I also download some of the paper models too :)

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  • iphone games music

    Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

  • oliph

    hey..i donlowd the paper already..but there’s no instruction how to make it..
    could u please tell me how to assemble it?or is there any website for the instruction?

  • admin

    @ oliph,
    Unfortunately, I also haven’t found the instruction. Just use your common sense to assemble it, I know you can do it :)

  • Catering By Joseph

    Love the site! Nothing like cute animals to get me through the day lol. I am going to add your feed to my google reader. Hopefully you update regularaly. Thanks!

  • Jenna

    Great post. How often do you update? I am looking for new stuff to toss in my feed reader and this might be good. Later

  • admin

    Hi Jenna,
    Paper modelz is updated everyday. Thanks for adding us in your feed reader :)

  • joe

    u guys are such fagots looking at this shit wtf i like pie cuz i love cows cuz they are cool and i like to take my cow for a walk cuz it is nice

  • Hunter_satriya

    how to download ??