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Fish Shop Doll House

fish shop doll house Fish Shop Doll House

In My Paper Models Doll House post, I write about The Doll that made from Paper models. Well, I think I will go deeply with the pages, because there are so many cute doll house paper models here. Let’s start with this Fish Shop Doll house.

This Fish Shop Doll house is made from Japan, so this is the replica of Japanese Fish Shop store. This is the real 3d Paper model, and you will make the doll house from the paper. Make sure you use the good carton Paper (I use the 200 gr Paper/10 sheet from concord) to make it long lasting. Looking at more detail, this set has many type popular Japanese seafood like squid, mackarel, tuna, salmon and many more. There is the store banner and knife for chop up the Fish too!

paper models Fish Shop Doll House

Download the Free printable Fish Shop Paper models (Japanese Page) use Google Translate to make it easier


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  • 1stAngel

    This is SO cool! Lovely idea :)

  • anthony